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    Are we required to check FAPIIS, PIPRS, and COR reports every time we exercise options? This is because, I worked for two different installations one did not check. and one did check all 3 systems. How can I find out the correct procedure? I was under the impression PIPRS was obsolete. Please clarify.


    FAR 17.207 and its supplements apply when the Government exercises options. FAR 17.207(c) requires contracting officers to ensure past performance evaluations on other contract actions have been considered as well as ensuring the contractor's performance on the contract with the options has been acceptable. FAR 17.207 itself does not mandate which system to use, so contracting officers may differ in terms of how they gather this information. 

      FAR subpart 42.15 covers past performance information. FAR 42.1501(b) states CPARS shall be used to measure the quality and timely reporting of past performance information. The website of is referenced in FAR 42.1502. Since reporting is typically done on an annual basis in CPARS, contracting officers may need to defer to COR surveillance reports that have not yet been captured in the next CPARS report that could be completed after an option is to be exercised.

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