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    What are some examples of incentive and performance metric language that would apply to the SOW for CLS?


    Great questions. Thank you for submitting. There are a myriad of resources which might be helpful. Just a few include:

    • Suggest starting with two primary ACQuipedia articles entitled "Product Support Incentives - Motivating Achievement of Desired Outcomes" at!521 and "Product Support SMART Metrics at!724 
    • From a training perspective, would also suggest CLC 035 Understanding Incentive and Other Contract Types at
    • Suggest also reviewing MIL-HDBK-260 Reference Data for Logistics Metrics at
    • In lieu of CLS, might recommend instead considering Performance Based Logsitics (PBL) as a possible allternative strategy strategy. Myriad of resources available. Best place to start, might suggest aDAU LOG Blog post entitled "One-Stop Shop for PBL Resources, References, Training" at 
    • Finally, would specifically suggest perusing the DoD PBL Guidebook at -- particiuarly Sec 3.5 Appendix A, Sec 3.10 Appendix F, and most applicable, Sec 3.13, Appendix I

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