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    What program management guidance is available to evaluate potential benefits such as cost saving or continuity of operations (coop) prior to making a decision to change the program from a traditional DoD owned, operated & maintained hardware & software system? What guidance (instructions, directives, etc.) is there about keeping the program in OS / Sustainment phase during transition to the cloud? When is OS phase no longer applicable and it is required to return to an earlier acquisition phase such as EMD or even a new start program? Where is the line between end of life upgrades and staying in Sustainment phase versus a requirement to change to a development acquisition phase? Thank You!


    Overall, the question concerns the potential transition to a cloud computing environment.  The first step in the potential transition to a cloud computing environment, based on the " Updated Guidance on the Acquisition and Use of Commercial Cloud Computing Services" ( ), is to first complete an IT Business Case Analysis  ( ). An overview of all of the steps to accomplish a cloud transition can be found in chapter 3.2 (DoD Specific Requirements to Acquire Cloud) of the DoD Cloud Acquisition Guidebook (DCAG) ( ).  A complete list of references is also provided in the references section of the DCAG.  Additional information can also be found in the Federal Cloud Computing Strategy - From Cloud First to Cloud Smart ( ).  Finally, the DCAG contains some situational examples which may be instructive in Appendix C (Examples of Commercial Cloud Acquisition Scenarios).  DAU also offers CLE 075 (Introduction to DoD Cloud Computing) and WSA 004 (Cloud Services Workshop) - available in the DAU iCatalog ( )


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