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    Is the KO asking that the strategic sourcing options are the avenues and the results I used to obtain sources sought for Vendor interest? e.g. GSA eBuy, SBA Dynamics, betaSAM, etc.)?


      The following information was retrieved from Annex 21 of the NMCARS for Navy and Marine contracts, but helps to illustrate what to capture for strategic sourcing:. Ultimately though, you'll need to ask the KO what they meant with their question. 

    2.4 Category Management/Strategic Sourcing. Describe how category management, including strategic sourcing, will be considered for incorporation into this acquisition. Address whether the requirement can be achieved through an existing Federal, DOD, or DON contract vehicle. If establishing a new contract vehicle when a similar solution exists, include supporting information to justify why it is necessary to meet the requirement. 

    Defense Pricing and Contracting has some information regarding strategic sourcing at

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