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    I need help with Pros and cons of use BOA's and BPA's? Also data on steps involved in soliciting each because i want to reduce administrative time.


    There is no substitute for reading the content on BPAs and BOAs at FAR 13.303 and 16.703, so I recommend you read both sections again. But in a nutshell, BPAs are for expected requirements and generally use the same terms and conditions in the vendors' existing GSA Schedule contracts...or other existing contracts. BOAs are typically used when the Government's future requirements and prices are much more uncertain. BPAs are authorized for simplified acquisitions, while BOAs are in FAR Part 16 and don't have the same restriction. Both agreements contain their own specific terms and conditions beyond what may exist in a core contract. Neither BOAs nor BPAs are binding contracts; the actual orders placed against them actually bind the Government. I also recommend that you review the article at this link. It discusses other differences in a reader-friendly format.

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