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    Is the Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support (CALS) strategy still be implemented in new acquisitions? If so, which references provide appropriate guidance since the MIL-HDBK-59B has been cancelled?


    The Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support (CALS)  and Joint Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support (JCALS) ceased being DoD initaitives in the 1990s, as you have discerned from the cancellation of the documents you cited in your question. Additionally, DoD transitioned from Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) to Integrated Product Support (IPS) a decade ago, with ILS terminology no longer used either. For more current requirements related to Integrated Product Support (IPS) in general and the technical data IPS Element in particular, please see: Appendix A of the DoD Product Support Manager's Guidebook at, the DoD IPS Element Guidebook at, MIL-HDBK-502A Product Support Analysis at, the life cycle logsitics functional area competencies at, and a DAU LOG Blog on Techncial Data Management IPS Element at

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