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    Hello, I'm am inquiring whether I can get a hold of some DAU material regarding the product development process, or even Integrated Product and Process Development. Thanks!


    Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD) was formalized in the Department of Defense (DoD) in 1995. IPPD is management process that integrates all activities from product concept through production and fielding, using cross-functional teams to optimize the product and its manufacturing and sustainment processes. Integrated Product Teams (IPTs), composed of empowered cross-functional representatives, are the foundation of IPPD.

    The DoD Integrated Product and Process Development Handbook describes the IPPD process and the formation of IPTs. The composition of IPTs and the IPPD process is includes several key principles, including Customer Focus, Concurrent Development of Products and Processes, Proactive Identification and Management of Risk, and Maximum Flexibility for Optimization and use of Contractor Approaches. Program Managers should structure IPTs in a manner that best suits the needs of the program.  Here is a link to the IPPD Guide from our website:

    DoD Guide to IPPD (

    If you are looking for the larger picture of how DoD Acquisition is conducted, I recommend reviewing the information located on the Adaptive Acquisition Framework site located here:

    Adaptive Acquisition Framework | Adaptive Acquisition Framework (

    This provides information on how the processes for how various systems are developed within DoD.

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