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    VHA would like to request legislative approval to conduct one-phase design-build procurements. 10 U.S.C. § 2862, cited in the FAR 36.104, authorizes one-phase procedures for DOD. Do you have the documentation that wad submitted for legislative approval for this authority? or a POC that I could reach out to?


    We have never done nor seen one. It has been in the DOD bill since 1985 and DoD may only be authorized 3 projects per year to be completed this way and to do a one phase DB vs a 2 phase DB requires Secretary level approval.  This technique may be too costly for contractors.

    The only thing we can suggest is contacting one of the Services civil engineering centers such as NAVFAC, ACOE or AFCEC to see if they might have any information they can share with you.  For example, the AFCEC Reach-Back Center is dedicated to assisting Department of Defense civil engineers in the execution of their mission across the full operational spectrum and can be reached the following ways:

    Toll Free: 1-888-232-3721

    Comm: 1-850-283-6995

    DSN: 312-523-6995



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