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    Does DAU have a brief on DoDI 5000.89 that JITC can leverage? The command would like to ensure it's policy aligns with DAU with respect to DoDI 5000.89. If not, appreciate a POC for DoDI 5000.89 for coordination of our brief, please.


    As of 15 April 2021, there is currently no briefing or training material which further delineates the information in, or requirements addressed by DODI 5000.89.  USD(R&E) and DOT&E are jointly responsible for DODI 5000.89 content.  DAU is undergoing a transformation of its educational resources to include courses and credentials.  The topic of how much detail should appear in what form has come up but has not been finally decided (as of 15 April 2021).  Your question has prompted DAU to engage with DOT&E and OUSD(R&E) to discuss how best to meet workforce needs.  One option is a video telecast addressing the new instruction.  This will be a topic of the next curriculum engagement.


    In the interim, has information about the T&E requirements of the various Adaptive Acquisition Framework pathways which may be helpful.



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