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    The LCSP is not included in the MDID, is it a statutory or regulatory document or neither?


    The short answer to your question is yes, a LCSP is both a statutory and regulatory requirement. The FY21 NDAA Sec 802 "Improving Planning, Execution, Oversight of Life Cycle Sustainment Activities" updates 10 USC 2337 "Life Cycle Mangement and Product Support" to specifically establish a requirement to develop, update, and implement a life cycle sustainment plan (LCSP), stating "Before granting Milestone B approval (or the equivalent), the milestone decision authority shall ensure that each covered system has an approved life cycle sustainment plan. The life cycle sustainment plan shall include—

    1) a comprehensive product support strategy;

    2) performance goals, including key performance parameters for sustainment, key system attributes of the covered system, and other appropriate metrics;

    3) an approved life-cycle cost estimate for the covered system;

    4) affordability constraints and key cost factors that could affect the operating and support costs of the covered system;

    5) sustainment risks and proposed mitigation plans for such risks;

    6) engineering and design considerations that support cost-effective sustainment of the covered system;

    7) a technical data and intellectual property management plan for product support; and

    8) major maintenance and overhaul requirements that will be required during the life cycle of the covered system.’

    Additionally, the requirement for a Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP) is also regulatory, having originally been established in DoD policy in a September 14, 2011 Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense fo Acqusition, Technology and Logsitics memo entitled :"Document Streamlining - Life Cycle Sustainment Plan" which stated. "I am directing the following actions for the LCSP:  ... The outline is designed to be a tool for programs to effectively and affordably satisfy life-cycle sustainment requirements. This plan articulates the product support strategy, and it must be kept relevant as the program evolves through the acquisition milestones and into sustainment. The LCSP outline emphasizes early-phase sustainment requirements development and planning, focuses on cross-functional integration - most critically with systems engineering - and highlights key sustainment contract development and management activities.... the LCSP has been separated from the Acquisition Strategy. Every acquisition program shall develop a LCSP....These actions constitute expected business practice and are effective immediately..."

    The current LCSP Outline Version 2.0 dated January 19, 2017 is hosted on the DAU website at While the term product support strategy was used in lieu of the term LCSP in the current versions of DoDI  5000.02 and DoDI 5000.85, the intent remains unchanged. We understand LCSP terminology will also be included in the future DoDI 5000.91 "Product Support for the Adaptive Acqusition Framework" in order to comply with the FY21 NDAA, Sec 802 requirements. We also anticiapte an updated LCSP Outline should be subsequently issued as well.

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