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    My contracting section has questions about how suppliers awarded BPA's are selected. This is for commericial parts for warehouse carts. Batteries, chargers, and Inverters. It is under SAT. Some KO's claim that the suppliers need to be selected by a competitive solicitation on FBO (based on suppliers price listing for desired supplies). I claim that I can pick the suppliers that are most responsible and provide best pricing. I claim "competition" requirement is addressed by issuing RFQ to supplier and whomever provides the lowest price quote. I argue that I can even select multiple Small Business suppliers to address SB set-asides. Am I correct in that the KO can work with SB Rep to select multiple suppliers to award BPA? Or do suppliers need to be competitively selected by FBO solicitation?


    Blanket purchase agreements were designed to streamline the ordering process. This explains why BPAs are covered in FAR Part 13, Simplified Acquisitions. Having to solicit individual orders on FBO would defeat the purpose of establishing BPAs. While BPAs are competitively awarded, there is also a requirement to ensure maximum practicable competition among the BPA holders for individual orders. FAR 13.503-5 fully explains the contracting officer's responsibilities when placing orders against established BPAs.

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