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    I’m trying to find an up to date Template with guidance for the Users Logistics Support Summary (ULSS) document for my APML. Is this still being used? If not, can you recommend and provide an alternative document template that is similar and would be utilized to define for one system and not for the program such as the LCSP. Thank you for any guidance.


    Per Enclosure (6) Life Cycle Sustainment (page 53) of SECNAV Instruction 5000.2F “Defense Acquisition System and Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System” Implementation at, and specifically paragraph 3. Life Cycle Sustainment Plan which specifies that “for DON ACAT programs, the Program Manager shall develop and maintain a LCSP …The Program Manager shall use the LCSP to plan, resource, and execute the life-cycle sustainment of the system. LCSPs for ACAT I and II programs shall be coordinated with DASN (ELM)… The MDA, or designee, shall be the approval authority for the LCSP.” While not a template per se, recommend using the DoD Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP) Outline, available at, to document your product support strategy.  There is no reference to or requirement for a Users Logistics Support Summary (ULSS) in this SECNAV instruction.

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