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    What is the reference which requires multi-service or joint programs to have a TEMP? Are there scenarios where you would do a TEMP and a SAMP? If so, what would be one?


    The more complete context in the DAG may be helpful.

    The whole 3rd paragraph of Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) CH 8-3.6 states:

    The TEMP includes objectives and thresholds documented in the CDD, CPD, evaluation criteria, and milestone decision points. For multi-Service or Joint programs, a single integrated TEMP is required. Component-unique content requirements, particularly evaluation criteria associated with COIs, can be addressed in a Component-prepared annex to the basic TEMP.

    From this we might deduce several things, first, this document is a bit dated because we don’t have any new Capability Production Documents (CPD) anymore, these were phased out several years ago replaced by a Capability Development Document (CDD) update as necessary. Second, we are talking about Major Capability Acquisition under the new Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF) as opposed to Urgent or Middle Tier Acquisition as these pathways do not have milestones. Next, the sentence following, the particular sentence in question addresses the idea of a Component-prepared annex as opposed to a separate Component-specific TEMP. The idea here is to reduce paperwork and staffing, not increase it.

    Another reference, the DAU Test and Evaluation Management Guide, 6th Edition (published in 2012) contains the following language:

    12.4 TEMP Format

    The recommended TEMP format, as shown in Figure 12-1, is for all programs, regardless of acquisition category, and is available in Chapter 9 of Reference (j). The TEMP is intended to be a summary document outlining DT&E, OT&E, and LFT&E management responsibilities across all phases of the acquisition process. When the development is a multi-Service or joint acquisition program, one integrated TEMP is developed with Service annexes, as required.

    This language also implies that multiple documents should be eschewed in favor of annexes to a single document.

    The point should be to right-size the documentation so that the documentation serves the program instead of the program serving documentation. This is also consistent with the Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF) tenets of streamlining acquisition, empowering Program Managers, and “tailoring-in” documentation.

    There may be a good and valid reason for a program to have a TEMP and consolidate several other program documents into a SAMP. These reasons should be clear and this approach should benefit the program as opposed to being followed because of an interpretation of one sentence in the DAG.


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