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    In one of my agency's SRRB policy documents,, the term "Embedded Services" is used. The following definition is provided: Embedded Services are those services with an aggregated value greater than or equal to the Simplified Acquisition Threshold ($250K) that are a part of a major or non-major IT technology acquisition program that provides capabilities, goods or systems but contain separately priced or separately awarded services. We are trying to determine where this definition comes from, and if it is used elsewhere in DoD, and - if not - if there is a better term to use in it's place to describe applicability of the SRRB to services supporting a single program that exceed the SAT when aggregated. We have researched but have not been able to find any reference to this term in any policy/guide/instruction... Is this a definition that exists anywhere else in DoD acquisitions?


    The term "embedded services" appears to be a non-standard term not commonly used in DOD acquisition. In other words, there doesn't seem to be any restriction on how that term can be used, or updated, in a policy document.

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