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    On line 11 of the SF 1442 at the very end of the section there is an area to add some information, but I'm not sure what the form is asking for. example: (See _________________________). Thank you for your time in this matter. Take care, Jeff-


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    Items -1-13 are filled out by the Government.  Item 11 provides the Notice to proceed date and period of performance in calendar days.  It also notifies offerors whether the performance period is mandatory or negotiable.  For example, if you see the following:

    The contractor shall begin performance within calendar 15 days and complete it within 365 calendar days after receiving award                X         notice to proceed                                          

    The performance period is mandatory                  X                          negotiable

    This means that the Government will issue the notice to proceed within 15 calendar days of contract award and the contractor will have 365 calendar days after contract award to complete the contract.


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