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    what are commercially managed sources for locating potential suppliers


    Probably the best research tool to help you find some commercial sources is GSA Advantage.  On GSA Advantage, items are all negotiated on FAR Part 12 commercial contracts.  You’llalso  be able to find negotiated unit pricing information on GSA Advantage.  How to access: Go to  Here’s a laundry list of some other research tools to that could help you find some potential commercial sources.  This is not an all-inclusive list but a good sampling of useful tools to aid in your search:

    • Google or other search engines
    • Third party sites/Request for quote
    •  (
    • ISO Group (
    • Test Mart
    • Laboratory Equipment
    • Mouser (
    • Digi-Key (
    • NSN Center (
    • CIG Helpful Links (
    • Parts Base (
    • US Securities and Exchange Commission
    • Indices
      • IHS Global Insight
      • DOL BLS Consumer Price Index
      • Bureau of Labor and Statistics
      • Wage Determinations Online
      • Salary Determination
      • Metal Price Index

    Another excellent tool is a Request for Quote (RFQ).  You can send RFQs to companies that offer similar items to request technical information, current price quotes, customer base and pricing information as well as terms and conditions.  To get started, search company websites to locate sales representatives’ e-mail addresses or phone numbers.  Some contractors offer online RFQ forms through their websites. 


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