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    Could you please verify if the below answer is correct and provide a reference to this policy? Thank you! Q: Can any company submit offers solicited under any NAICS code, or do they need to be registered/classified for that specific NAICS? A: Any company can submit responsible offers to any solicitation that they are eligible for. NAICS are self-assigned by individual contractors and used mostly by contracting offices to determine eligibility to bid on certain contracts, such as the small business size standards for our awards. “There is no central government agency with the role of assigning, monitoring, or approving NAICS codes for establishments. NAICS Codes are self-assigned based on the establishment’s primary activity (the activity that generates the most revenue for the establishment)” --


    The answers provided are correct.  See FAR subpart 19.1 and FAR subpart 19.3 for a reference to the applicable policy.

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