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    I'm trying to determine if there are Air Force directives for when the system safety CDRLs are due. Our Statement of Work (SOW) requires the following CDRLs from the contractor: 1) System Safety Program Plan (SSPP) - CDRL A034 2) System Safety Hazard Analysis Report (SSHAR) - CDRL A024 3) Hazardous Materials Management Plan - A035 The SOW lists the CDRLS but not when they are due. Does this vary program to program and is specified in the contract or is there a directive that determines the due dates?


    To me, this question about when data deliverables per the contract are "due" should have been answered BEFORE the RFP went out.  Those due dates are NOT driven by the contract.  Rather those due dates should be driven by the PESHE ( and documented in the SEP. 


    General guidance may be found in DoDI 5000.88 (Nov 18, 2020) in Para 3.6.3.(2) PESHE and 3.6.e(3) NEPA and E.O. 12114.


    But the specific dates when environmental deliverables are "due" per a contract will be program unique. 

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