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    What kinds of procurement data and information would be best sources of information about specific types and quantities of LIB being purchased by the various services and programs? This will help us understand what we should expect in future waste streams.


    DLA R&D is funding the study of this NPS project. Initial results are shown in a subsequent email to the individual asking the question. DAU recommends the questioner contact DLA R&D directly for more information, or if they have further questions on data that is specifically from DLA. An email will be sent separately for privacy purposes on this POC. 

    In general, DLA R&D sees a lack of value in analyzing past requisitions, as compared to being more future focused, since they come from so many sources where the data may not be all captured, but being more future focused about placements.

    A relevant article on the growing demand for military batteries "Demand for Military Batteries to Grow by 31% over the Next Five Years" can be accessed in the link below (open link in Chrome)

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