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    Can the Government absolve a contractor of their responsibility to ensure that all products conform to the contract before tender, even if they are not mission critical? It would seem that there is still a requirement for the contractor to have their own internal QA process that ensured 100% of the items installed conformed to the submitted configuration data, logistics support information, and supporting spare parts. That requirement is unenforceable if the reduced-QA verbiage is included in the contract.


    Not sure what quality requirement is being called out by contract. Most DoD products require a Higher Level contract requirement, which used to be MIL-Q-9858, and now usually means ISO 9001 or AS9100. The Standard Inspection clause requires the contractor to provide and maintain inspection system, and to complete inspections, document the them and provide that documentation to the government. Covernment reliance of inspection by the contractor allows the contractor to conduct inspections and tests to ensure all suplies conform to contract requirements before them are delivered to the government.  So I am not sure what contract QA requirement is on contract. I am not sure what inspections and testing you (the governement agent) are accomplishing or where.  The contractor may be doing sampling inspections vice 100% which may be authorized. But it sounds like you have a situation where some items get inspected by the contractor and others do not. All should be inspected. and all should meet the governments contract requirements. Can discuss if you like, 240-273-8599

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