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    My KO is telling me that we have to cancel all the uncompleted service orders on our BOSC contract have to be canceled at the end of the contract year regardless an option to exercise another contract year. Essentially, this would mean that we would have to resubmit all the uncompleted SOs including SOs that are partially completed. If we have the funds and we are going to exercise the next option period, why in the heck would I have to cancel all those service orders and start again?


    Lacking anything specific and clear cut; we do not question the judgement and authority of the KO here at AAP.

    Note: I'm assuming BOSC = Base Operations Support Contract, but not sure.  I'm assuming SO's = Service Orders, but not sure. I won't venture a guess on FSC; that is most often Federal Supply Class in contracting. Final assumption is that the SOs are funded with O&M appropriations.

    It is impossible for us to provide a specific answer to this question without knowing the terms and conditions of the BOSC contract and individual SO's.

    The rationale could be labor law requirements, e.g. a new wage determination is required. But that could leave open the possibility of a modification increasing the labor rates.  Or, more probable, a fiscal law issue: if the SOs are longer than one calendar year and the services provided are severable (see FAR 32.703-3 and DFARS 232.703-3(b)) the period of performance cannot exceed one (1) year.

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