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    Are 05 level PdMs required to have PSMs? or is it only the 06 level. looking for documentation on the PSMs and requirements. i feel the army has over used the term PSM applying it to the 05 level log leads.


    Army Regulation 700-127 (, Para 4–4. states “PSMs are required for all ACAT I, II, and III programs.”  Additionally, Army policy also requires that:

    • “Prior to MS B, PEOs will assign a MATDEV PSM for each ACAT Program prior to, but no later than, program initiation. The PSM is a direct report to the MATDEV, PSM performance will be rated by the MATDEV (this responsibility will not be delegated).” (Para 4-4b.)
    • “The PSM will be a key leadership position for ACAT I programs, and a critical acquisition position for ACAT II and III programs.” (Para 4-4d.)
    • “Program Executive Officers are responsible for… assigning PSMs to all programs in their portfolios.” (Para 1-16)
    • “Materiel Developers will… In coordination with the PEO, assign a PSM for each ACAT Program at program initiation.” (Para 1-18.c)
    • “MATDEVs will assign a PSM to Joint programs.” (Para 4-9)

    Seer also DA PAM 700-127 at  for additional details.

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