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    Is maintainability (Am) considered a mandatory KPP and/or KSA in the DoD or US Air Force?


    Hello,  a couple of quick points.

    A(m) is typically associated with Materiel Availability which is one of the mandatory Sustainment KPP Metrics for Fleet Availability.(looking across the entire organization (USAF) at the entire Fleet of systems)

    From the JCIDS Manual of Operations   Sustainment KPP Guide outlined in ANNEX D, Appendix G,  Enclosure B, paragraph :

    Sustainment consists of two mandatory key factors:  Material Availability and Operational Availability and three mandatory supporting Key System Attributes (KSA)  Reliability, Maintainability, and Total Ownership Cost for all Acquisition Category (ACAT) I programs. For ACAT II and below programs, the sponsor will determine the applicability of the KPP. During the Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA), the relevant sustainment criteria and alternatives will be evaluated to provide the analytical foundation for the establishment of the sustainment KPP and KSAs.

    Maintainabillty was a recent addition to the list of mandaorty Sustainment KSAs.  It was included in the August 2018 revision of the JCIDS manual.

    Here is an article discussing that KSA.!718

    Thank you for reaching out to DAU with your question.




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