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    May a government buyer create an account on a vendor site in order to use the GPC to make a purchase?


    The DOD GPC Guidebook (2017 ed.) does not specifically address setting up accounts on vendor sites to make GPC purchases.  However, since the GPC is designated as a method of payment, you should be able to set up an account with the following caveats:

    1) The cardholder should establish the account, and provide their immediate Agency/Organzation Program Coordinator (or a designed representative) the login and password to ensure the same level of oversight as the GPC website.

    2) The A/OPC should be consulted to determine if the card number should be saved on the vendor webste, or if the cardholder must input the card number for each set of new transactions. 

    3) Any statements generated by the vendor site should be downloaded and maintained to verify against the GPC website to ensure procurement integrity. 

    4) The A/OPC should determine if the vendor site contains an adequate level of credit card security. 

         These recommendations are the result of my experience as a level 5 APC.  Your  A/OPC will decide what determinations to make above and beyond these recommendations at their discretion.       

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