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    Still not being completely clear on what exactly digital acquisition is and what it entails, what areas in the Logistics arena is digital acquisition applicable? Please provide examples or possible scenarios.


    "Digital acquisition" (and its pseudonyms) is an evolving concept that cuts across all functional disciplines, including Life Cycle Logistics.  Its goal is to deliver relevant capability to the warfighter more quickly and to sustain systems more affordably.  In general, digital acquisition involves the use of digital models (e.g., three-dimensional computer-aided design, or 3D CAD) to support the design, development, testing, and sustainment of DoD systems.  This includes support equipment such as automatic test systems (ATS).  New ATS could be procured or legacy ATS could be modified using digital acquisition approaches.  In addition, there are many life cycle logistics activities that can benefit from the use of digital models, including: technical manual updates, obsolescence management and part reprocurement, advanced manufacturing, immersive training, condition-based maintenance, technical assistance request disposition, product improvement, and more.  To learn more, you may wish to complete our online training course CLE 084, Models, Simulations, and Digital Engineering and/or consult the Acquipedia article on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) or a recent Defense Acquisition Magazine article, "Model-Based Engineering for Product Support".   

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