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    I need help with ensuring I'm filtering the Clause Matrix correctly. When sending my RFQ document for review to the contracting officer (KO), he has listed several clauses that were filtered out based on (what I can conclude) as Contracting Purpose section #2 section of the filter, where I unchecked "blanks" for Commercial SUP. For example, Clause 252.204-7003 Control of Government Personnel Work Product has a prescription of "Use this clause in all solicitations and contracts", a R(required) in Column J for #1 Contract Type for FP, but in Column W for #2 Contract Purpose, Commercial SUP, the cell is blank. When I filter results based on my procurement type, this clause was not showing to include, however the KO's review asked me to include this clause, along with a few others that have the similar results. Would someone be able to help? There's an expedited award need by date, and while I've just added the clauses the KO has requested, I'm trying to ensure going forward that I'm filtering correctly so my RFQ postings sent for review are more accurate. Thank you!


    First, try this link to see if you can access the "How-to" video: 

    Next, to your issue. First- thank  you very much for your feedback. Apparently there was a glitch causing certain DFARS clauses to not appear, even when filtering for DFARS clauses. (Strange) 

    Anyway, I have fixed the issue in the matrix, and I'm going to push out an updated version of the matrix today. 

    I hope this solves the issue. 

    Should you need to contact me directly, please feel free to do so at 

    Thanks again for your feedback! 


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