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    Are there best practices or examples of approaches to assigning Functional Sponsor or Functional Lead? (e.g., level/grade of each role, location within organization, etc.)


    Assignment of the Functional Sponsor and Functional Lead is at the discretion of the Service Component or Agency. DoDI 5000.75 assigns responsibilities to each and although it does not specify grade or rank requirements, it does identify the necessary authority for each role. Because the Functional Sponsor is intended to be a Service Component Senior leader with the necessary authority within the Service Component or Agency’s business domain to define business requirements and commit funding he/she is assumed to be a Senior Executive or Flag Officer and  is the Milestone Decision Authority’s (MDA) counterpart. Likewise, the Functional Lead represents the Business Area on behalf of the Functional Sponsor and is the Program Manager’s closest counterpart. He/She is frequently of the same grade or rank as the Program Manager, but it is not a requirement if he/she has the necessary skills and authority to fulfill the Functional Lead’s responsibilities.

    The Defense Business System Community of Practice ( bcaccommunity) and DAU’s Adaptive Acquisition Framework website ( provide additional resources, including implementation guides by both the Army and Air Force that further define responsibilities.

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