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    My team manages equipment programs that have legacy PPPs that were created/formally approved during the acquisition phase and transitioned to sustainment. In some cases these PPPs were developed over 10 years ago. Per AFMAN 63-113, we understand the requirement to conduct reviews every three years to verify no new threats have emerged to Critical Program Information (CPI) and/or Critical Components (CC) for the programs. Question: 1. Is the sustainment office required to update the PPP to the latest format, if no new threats are identified to CPI and/or CC? Guidance for management of PPPs within sustainment is limited, Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG), Chapter 13 states "Further guidance on sustainment considerations for Program Protection will be provided in the next Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) update." Our staff is limited and we lack resources to bring older PPPs to modern format. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!


    Thank you for your question about Program Protection Plan updating requirements.

    At present the approved template for PPPs is still the 2011 DoD Template.  It has not changed.

    This instruction is the most current guideance directing the preparation of PPPs:

    This instruction does not require updating the PPP if there are no new threat elements identified.

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