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    Am I required to conduct MR? If so, should it be tactical (Market Investigation) or strategic (Market Survey)?


    The short answer is "Yes," Market Research is required.  Generally, when we are at the point of need (awarding a contract), we are looking at tactical market research, while we use strategic MR to assist in developing or refining our requirements. 

    FAR 10.002(b)(1) tells us that the extent of market research required is dependent on numerous factors, and that we may use research that was already conducted within the past 18 months.  If you look at the A&E contracting process at FAR 36.603, and DFARS 236.272 and your activity has conducted the process of prequalifying sources, then the requirements for market research may have been satisfied through that process.  Provided that this data is current (within 18 months) you could document this in your SAT file as the market research utilized for your contracting action.  

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