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    My name is Brilee, and I work for the U. S. Navy. I am reaching out today to gather some information on the ICAPS and how it may be of value to us. If you could send me an email I will send you our objective and a quick questionnaire to fill out to help us evaluate if you offer something we could use.


    Interactive Computer-Aided Provisioning System (ICAPS) is a Logistics information technology (IT) application owned by Naval Sea Systems Command (SEA 05R).  ICAPS is currently the Navy’s only authorized application for performing provisioning functions. ICAPS provides a real-time environment for the creation, review, and processing of Bill of Material (BOM) data for both Maritime and Aviation equipment. It enables provisioning personnel to create, validate, correct, and manipulate Provisioning Technical Documentation (PTD).  ICAPS is scheduled for replacement by Model Based Product Support (MBPS) in FY22.

                  The Navy currently requires PTD to be delivered in a format accepted by ICAPS. The ICAPS software is designed to support and accept data in various Logistics Product Data (LPD) formats. LPD summaries contain information that the Government needs to assess design status, conduct logistics planning and analysis, influence program decisions, and verify that contractor performance meets system supportability requirements.

                  Additional information on ICAPS and the Navy provisioning process can be found in NAVSEAINST 4423.5 Provisioning Policy (7 May 2019) and NAVSEA M-4423.1 Provisioning and Allowance Procedures Manual (May 2019).

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