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    Is this considered a multi-year contract?


    Based on the limited information provided with the question, I need to make a few assumptions in order to provide an answer. These are: 1) you're using annual appropriations; 2) your agency has not completed the review and approval process necessary to enter into a mult-year contract found in the AFFARS (your agency); and 3) You meant FAR 52.217-8 Option to Extend Services.

    That said, I am 99.99% positive the answer below applies to your acquisition.

    A requirements contract (see FAR 16.503) is not considered a multi-year contract, it is one of the three(3) types of indefinite-delivery contracts described at FAR subpart 16.5.

    A multi-year contract (see FAR subpart 17.1 and DFARS subpart 217.1, and your agency supplement) is its own type of contract. Specifically, see the definition of a Multi-year contract at FAR 17.103. Because a multi-year contract allows the procurement of property (supplies) and services beyond one year and up to a period of 5 years; the need to have the option to extend services clause is not required if the term of your contract is less than 4.5  and you are not authorized to excede five years with a multi-year contract.

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