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    Can a CLIN period of performance be extended if the CLIN period of performance is over. Example. Task Order 001 and CLIN 2000 period of performances are from 1July 2020 to 30 June 2021-can the period of performance be extended 6 months? Can the period of performance be extended on 10 August 2021?


    This is a question that has been asked many times here at AAP (and at It is not impossible to do this, but the authority depends on many factors such as:

    1) Are the services under the task order severable or non-severable

    2) What appropriations are being used to fund the CLIN, are they annual appropriations, what would be used to fund the extension (assuming this is not a no cost extension), are their bona-fide need issues.

    3) What is the reason for the extension, etc.

    If the services are severable and the rationale for the extension is not based on delays or failure to perform all of the task that the Task Order required; you are much better off issuing a new task order.

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