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    Given the above, is a consolidation D&F required? If it is not, should we still say we're consolidating efforts since we will be making them their own task orders on the one MAC IDIQ contract? Since each requirement will be its own task order I do not believe a consolidation D&F is required, but since they'll be task orders on one MAC IDIQ I wanted to reach out to DAU for a second opinion - which is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    Consolidation occurs when: 1) soliciting a single contract (including MACs) to satisfy two or more requirements for supplies or services valued in excess of $2M; and 2) those requirements have been provided to or performed for the Federal Agency under two or more separate contracts which were lower in cost than the current requirement. Based on this definition, it appears that your scenario involves consolidation of requirements. While the requirements will be met using separate task orders, they come under one contract. If this is indeed the case, then the written determination required by FAR 7.107-2(a) would apply.

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