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    What is the difference between a programmatic impact statement and an operational impact statement?


    Programmatic impact statements focus on changes to cost, schedule, and performance based on a particular event (normally a budget cut).  Operational impacts focus on how that particular event might affect operational or user concerns.  Both are necessary for the decision makers to readily assess the overall impact to the program of proposed changes.  For example, the T-6A trainer experienced a 3-month production delay to remanufacture certain parts.  The programmatic impacts were (1) Cost-an additional $2 million for some production workers who were idle; Schedule-an additional 3 months for a total of 6 months when one includes the 3 month production delay. Additional time was needed to reschedule test ranges and facilities that were not used on time; Performance--increased--new parts allowed system to make KPPs.  The operational impacts were (1) a loss of $500 million in fuel savings because the T-6A would be delayed and it was much more fuel efficient than its predecessor (2) Delay to IOC.  (3) AETC would be unable to reach the Air Force's goal of producing 1000 pilots a year.  In all, understanding both the programmatic  and operational impacts of changes in your program are critical in helping decision makers understand the consequences of budget and requirement decisions.


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