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    Can a CLIN be funded with two different years of 3080 funds. The funds are both available for obligation.


    Yes. DFARS 204.7103-1(a)(4)(ii) allows use of multiple accounting classification citations for a contract line item in the following situations (i.e., we can have multiple fund citations for a CLIN under i, ii, and iii)

    i. A single, nonseverable deliverable to be paid for with R&D or other funds properly incrementally obligated over several fiscal years in accordance with DoD policy; 

    ii. A single, nonseverable deliverable to be paid for with different authorizations or appropriations, such as in the acquisition of a satellite or the modification of production tooling used to produce items being acquired by several activities; or 

    iii. A modification to an existing contract line item for a nonseverable deliverable that results in the delivery of a modified item(s) where the item(s) and modification are to be paid for with different accounting classification citations.

    The CLIN will show the different long lines of accounting and dollar amounts for each of the years of funding.  3080 is procurement appropriation which means full funding policy.  Normally if the funds are for a new delivery lot, we would put it on a separate CLIN because that way the program office can effectively track and the contractor can bill for end items.  Contractors deliver and bill for end items at the CLIN level.

    The real determining factor here is what the new funds are being used for and how a financial manager can track and monitor execution. Your decision to set up the proper CLIN is dependent on your Service policy, agency policy letters, and ultimately your Contracting Officer. Recommend that your contracting officer and program office sit down and address all of the issues and possible solutions.

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