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    Is there somewhere in the FAR that tells me if I am missing the award date and it is signed, what date I use? AND is there somewhere that describes what makes this contract enforceable or unenforceable when there is a missing award date but is signed by all parties?


    DFARS PGI 253.213-70 (Completion of DD Form 1155, Order for Supplies or Services), para. (a) states "the following instructions are mandatory..." One of those instructions applies to block 3 — "Enter the four-position numeric year, three-position alpha month, and two-position numeric day." That establishes, at the most basic level, the need to fill in the date of the order. However, an order does not become a contract until the contractor signs at block 16 (or alternatively, begins performance), so that is the more important date. The date in block 3 can be useful for tracking purposes, such as for determining how long an offeror is taking to return the signed form. Nevertheless, the date the offeror actually accepts the order in block 16 matters the most. If an order is returned from the contractor without a date in block 16, it’s best to request that the offeror sign again, with the date included. The parties’ responsibilities under a contract are best understood and fulfilled when the time sequence of ordering and acceptance is clear. This can also help if there is a subsequent dispute about the order.

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