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    What's the official definition of displaced equipment as it pertains to Displaced Equipment Training (DET)?


    Army pamphlet 700-142 defines displaced equipment as:  "Army equipment redistributed within a command or between AC/ASCC/DRUs, as a result of the Army modernization process."


    It further states that "Most of this equipment is identified by DAMO-FDR (G-3) on the Force Development (FD) managed LIN List".


    Example:  Army modernization is replacing old HMM-V assets with Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV).  There may be test and support assets used to support HMMV that the units may have continued use for (fluid servicing units, hand tools, shop tools, etc.)  These assets would normally be removed as part of the legacy system sundown. Classification of these assets as "displaced (cascaded) equipment allows them to remain at the activity - their purpose now transferred off of the legacy system.  DET ensures Soldiers can still be trained on these assets.

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