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    Are there any study guides/training for helping someone become better prepared for a CORB? I appreciate the help.


    There are a multitude of contracting aptitude test materials on the Internet.  Always check with your supervisor to determine if the ones you are using will cover topics that the board wil focus on.  You can also ask for recommendations from your local NCMA chapter.

    Here are some flash cards:  It is about 100 questions and DAU can't vouch for the effiectiveness of the website, but the ones that were sampled were plausible scenarios with reasonable responses.  Many employees use quizlet to study for the CFCM and CPCM exams. 

    Also over on there is a thread that debates the use and purpose of the board.  Those involved in the debate might be worth reaching out to to see if they know of a guide.

    Another flash card site is  They have over 42,000 flash cards on the FAR.  That might be a good refresher in the event your board focuses on asking FAR based questions. Again, these are not official DoD sites, but the questions appear logical and genuine.  

    Two of the best sources  are the books "Contract Administration" and "Contract Formation"  by Cibinic and Nash.  They are excellent books written by lawyers that would be a great resource to augment the flash cards. 



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