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    I am researching what the requirement is to purchase a software license that is expiring on the system that is part of an accredited program. Basically we have a system that has an ATO and one of the products in use providing database servers is a licensed product and that license requires annual payment to keep it from expiring. The cost is under $5K so I understand the Govt credit card can be used, but my question is if there is a requirement to do an AoA to find other possible solutions? I'm hoping not as the only place to get the license for the product is from the software vendor we have implemented in our system. To consider other solutions would be to look for a total replacement of the software.


    The Analysis of Alternatives is the process DoD organizations use to evaluate and prioritize possible materiel solutions for a validated military capability requirement. Buying a software license for one year does not fall within the scope of the AoA.

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