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    For the purposes of the certified cost and pricing sections of the FAR/DFARS, do we have to put those clauses in the IDIQ base since the IDIQ NTE is over $2M, or do we just look at the value of the actual obligation, in this case the $300K seed task order? Thank you!


    DFARS 219.806, Pricing the 8(a) contract.  For requirements processed under the PA cited in 219.800-

    (1)  The contracting officer shall obtain certified cost or pricing data from the 8(a) contractor, if required by FAR subpart 15.4; and

    (2)  SBA concurrence in the negotiated price is not required.  However, except for purchase orders not exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold, the contracting officer shall notify the SBA prior to withdrawing a requirement from the 8(a) Program due to failure to agree on price or other terms and conditions.

    If certified cost and pricing data are required, then put the clauses in the IDIQ contract.  


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