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    - Is it possible to purchase IT Software Maintenance & Licenses Agreements that are under the micro-purchase (10k) as a product with the GCPC credit card?


    Being able to purchase IT software maintenance licenses with the GPC is possible, but it depends on your agency/commands guidance on whether you are allowed to do so. For example, the Army's GPC regulations state, "Cardholders must obtain approval from the installation’s Information Management Office (IMO) before purchasing information technology services, computer equipment, and software.  This requirement for prior approval includes network equipment, printers, data storage devices, other computer peripherals and related software, and information technology services.  In addition, the Cardholder must check with the Army Small Computer Program (ASCP) point of contact to determine whether the purchase must be made from one of the ASCP’s blanket purchase agreements or contracts."  Does software maintenance fall under the heading of IT services?  It depends. The  Navy GPC regulations do not mention any such requirement for IT purchases. 


          FAR 12.212 allows the purchase of software and software documentation, which could include licensing and maintenance agreements.  The GPC is used as a method of payment for similar services such as cell phones and cable television.  If there is some question about software licensing or maintenance agreements, I would first check to determine if there is a current BPA  for the service in effect. If not, check agency guidance, including a chat with your Approving Official or Level III Agency Program Coordinator (APC). Let them know if you have been previously using the GPC for these buys under the micro-purchase threshold, and if it has not been deemed a discrepancy during your GPC audits.  If they concur, proceed.    

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