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    How does battle damage / system survivability calculate into Ao, Am and Rl? Meaning, if a system, like Iron Horse (as described in the class ENG0860) receives battle damage, how is that accounted for as part of Ao, Am and Rl? David Meshel


    The short answer is “It does not.” Battle damage not accounted for as part of Ao, Am or RI. Ao and Am are a function of system reliability, system maintainability, and the efficiency of the logistics support. These are the factors that are included in the formula to calculate these metrics. These are all terms that are Technical Performance Measures or Critical Technical Parameters that are part of the technical requirements, usually found in the Specifications. They are design objectives provided to the designer. They are stochastically measured using a significant amount of data of test data taken during the development. Therefore, you never really know for certain if you meet them.


    Battle Damage is not factored into the calculation of these design parameters of the system. It is not a part of the calculation of Ao, Am or RI, nor is it a part of the test data used to determine if the design meets those requirements. Battle damage is more a function of the threat, intensity of the contact, etc., than a part of the system design, maintenance, and support. While you can determine the effects of Battle Damage of a specific threat through the use of Modeling and Simulation or Live Fire, these are usually one off test events and do not provide data for the calculation of Ao, Am or Ri. The inherent reliability of a system or device is determined by its configuration and component selection.




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