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    For a software only program, will section 13.2 "Influencing Design and Sustainment" of a typical SAMP really only contain regulations governing government software development in general? What typically goes in this section for a program that is only software? Thank you.


    While including regulations governing government software development in your SAMP makes complete sense, recommend not limiting contents to just standards & references.  If you have not already done a review of the the software acquisition pathway, recommend doing so.  In particular, the Program Management Metrics section will be helpful,  Even if your program is not being managed thru the SW pathway, the section on metrics contains some helpful information on how to measure success for SW intensive systems in development or sustainment.  One of focus areas for the new policy on SW is to help redefine how the DoD approaches sustainment given that software is never really done.  The functional policy on software acquisition also contains some excellent guidance that should be tailored to your program's situation.  You will find the topics in section 3.2 & 3.3 are applicable to the topics you referenced in your question about the 'Influencing Design & Sustainment' section of your SAMP.

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