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    Is there a threshold for when a job need a mob/demob CLIN? If so, do you have a reference for it?


    No IAW the FAR and DFARS. A search of FAR part 36 has no results of mobilization or demobilization. A search of DFARS part 236 resulted in finding a supplement for contract clauses in subpart 236.5. There is DFARS clause 252.236-7004  required for payment for mobilization and demobilization and it has terms for thresholds of payments, but as with all clauses, we need to read the full context of the prescription. DFARS 236.570(b) states DFARS clause 252.236-7004 is required for fixed-price construction solicitations and contracts, and when there will be major expense for mobilization or plant equipment and material other than what is previously stated in this section but only when the HCA has approved use of a separate bid item for mobilization and preparatory work and the DFARS does not state a threshold for this approval. Ensure to check if there are any service-specific requirements for contruction contracts. 

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