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    My questions are can the PdM Office use OPA funds to replace a major component of a kit that is in sustainment and funded by AWCF? If yes, then both of our offices are going to eventually "run into each other" with our efforts. Which effort takes precedence?


    Thank you for your recent question submitted through the Ask-A-Professor link.  Funding questions are highly nuanced, often times without an immediately "clear" solution.  Therefore, you should work this issue through your office's Integrated Product Team so that organizations such as program management, DA G-8, DA G-4, business/finance, logistics, engineering, legal and contracts can all weigh in to determine the correct path forward.  There are a variety of rules specifying how/when different funding streams can be utilized.  Without knowing all the details of your specific program, no recommendation can be provided on an "order of precedence".  Again, this issued is best discussed inside the Program Office amongst all IPT members.

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