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    Would the FAR provide Pre-Solicitation information on Leasing?


    Answer: Yes.  When making a lease or buy decision, suggest reading over the rules at FAR subpart 7.4.  There are two agencies by whom can assist with a lease or buy decision making: the GSA or the OMB (see below).

    In general, when requested by an agency, the General Services Administration (GSA) will assist in rent, lease, or purchase decisions by providing information such as-

               (1) Pending price adjustments to Federal Supply Schedule contracts;

               (2) Recent or imminent technological developments;

               (3) New techniques; and

               (4) Industry or market trends.

    For additional GSA assistance and guidance, agencies may—

               (1) Request information from the GSA FAS National Customer Service Center by phone at 1-800-488-3111 or by email at; and

              (2) See GSA website, Schedule 51 V Hardware Superstore-Equipment Rental, (

    For OMB guidance, see—

               (1) Section 13, Special Guidance for Lease-Purchase Analysis, and paragraph 8.c.(2), Lease-Purchase Analysis, of OMB Circular A-94, Guidelines and Discount Rates for Benefit-Cost Analysis of Federal Programs, (;


               (2) Appendix B, Budgetary Treatment of Lease-Purchases and Leases of Capital Assets, of OMB Circular A-11, Preparation, Submission, and Execution of the Budget, (

    Your question did not state the nature of the procurement in question (e.g., equipment, reality, etc.).  There is a tool to assist with establishing F&R leasing rates as it relates to property for example.  Here's the link:  Suggest reaching out to GSA for specific assistance (see above) as there appears to be a lot involved in this decision making process. 


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