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    In order to get the needed CDRLs, one set is required for Contract Furnished Material and a different set is required for Government Furnished Material. Which one would the follow on contract fall under?


    Bottom line: When a follow-on contract contemplates the same or similar performance requirements as the predecessor contract, its Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) requirements are typically equivalent to those in the predecessor contract. This concept includes CDRLs intended for compliance with Government Property (GFE/GFP) and Contract Acquired Property (CAP).

    Regardless if the incumbent (prime contractor on predecessor contract) or a different firm is awarded the follow-on contract, Government Property assigned to the predecessor contract is transferred to the follow-on contract (see FAR 45.106 Transferring Accountability). Disposition of CAP follows contract terms & conditions (see Subpart 45.4 - Title to Government Property).

    Best-practice: validate each CDRL during the Request for Proposal (RFP) preparation phase to ensure your data requirements (1) conform to current policies and (2) are designed to efficiently and effectively delivery information necessary and useful to the Government. See DAU Tool “High-Level Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) Planning Tool” at and DoD 5010.12-M Procedures for the Acquisition and Management of Technical Data.

    Consider use of the following Data Items (DD Form 1423 CDRL Blocks 2-4):

    DID: DI-MGMT-82173

    • Title: Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) Inventory Report
    • Scope: This DID will be used to capture Government furnished provided to the contract and in pursuit of contracted work and will allow to track accountability for asset management of Government property.

    DID: DI-MGMT-80441D

    • Government Property (GP) Inventory Report
    • Scope: The Government Property (GP) Inventory Report enables the contractor to periodically provide to the Department of Defense (DoD) Service or Agency an inventory listing of GP (i.e., both Government Furnished Property (GFP) and Contractor Acquired Property (CAP)) in the contractor’s possession (to include subcontractors) by contract.

    DIDs are retrievable from DoD ASSIST at

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