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    Can the winning contractor for the smaller base use the ROWPU, Incinerator, Waste Water Treatment Plant, and request meals from the Galley all of which are run and serviced by a different contractor in order to provide the necessary services for the smaller base? The thoughts are either the smaller base contractor can come to the larger base to drop off waste and trash and pick up food and water, or the contractor for the larger base can go to the smaller base and drop off food and water and pick up waste and trash. The concern is that it might seems like one contractor may be providing services for another contractor.


    The key issue is whether the work statements for both the current and the winning contractor (for the smaller base) clearly spell out each contractor's responsibilities, including which contractor goes where to deliver (or pick up) which items. If the concern is that " contractor may be providing services for another contractor," then the work statements need to be modified to clearly indicate responsibilities so the Government is not paying twice for the same services. Any change in the current contractor's responsibilities and associated changes in the work statement may require a justification and approval for the revised contract scope.

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