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    Ultimately, I was wondering is there anything within Army regulations, handbooks, pamphlets, etc that suggest logistics can be an Agile process and we can get a product to the User community by doing a basic (by comparison) check that provides the safety required, while a more vigorous effort will occur in the background? If you have any insight or can put me into contact with a POC, this would be so helpful! Also, I am looking for insight as soon as possible. Thanks.


    I spoke with the author of the AAP question about “insight into Agile acquisition from a logistics perspective”. In addition to DoD Instruction 5000.91, the most appropriate Army Regulation/Publication reference would be Army Regulation 700-127 and the accompanying DA PAM 700-127.  The author has been working on obtaining technical data for a COTS Power Distribution Unit (PDU) from a vendor with intellectual property/data rights considerations. She is willing to settle for limited rights (which may not be sufficient), where the logsitics team is advocating for unlimited rights. It’s risky paying more for unlimited rights on COTS equipment because of potential obsolescence issues.  Also, going for unlimited rights would take time and the author is trying to speed the process along.  An ECP has been proposed but approval could take up to a year, especially when a full blown authentication process is included which has been proposed by the logistics team. To speed up the process, the author developed the technical manual work packages that would have supported a maintenance action message (MAM). The instructions could have been verified through a tabletop/desktop process. I recommended that the author form an IPT to include representatives from Engineering, Logistics, Program Management, Contracting, and Legal to come up with a plan to speed up the process, as well as to continue dialog with the contractor.

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