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    This is a two part inquiry: 1. Is it acceptable to issue a task order for a period of performance that began over a month ago? 2. PD2 has a "confirming order" option, in what instances is a confirming order utilized?


    Potential Solution: Alternate GPC holder renders payment IF the original order was placed by an authorized individual who acted within their delegation of authority. Before doing this, confirm with your Organization Program Coordinator (OPC) or Agency Program Coordinator (APC) if  Army-unique policies prevent this solution, reference: AFARS Appendix EE

    Alternate solution: Follow AFARS unauthorized commitment ratification procedures, then place an order under your existing IDIQ contract and complete payment per that contract's terms and conditions.

    1) The situation you describe suggests that an order was placed by a Government Purchase Card (GPC) holder who was acting within their delegated authority, however that cardholder was unable to render payment due to a GPC account problem. If that is the case, then this circumstance is not an Unauthorized Commitment (FAR 1.602-3). Can an alternate GPC holder complete payment to the vendor? This would complete the micropurchase.

    2) If no alternate GPC holder can affect payment, then an Unauthorized Commitment results if the individual who placed the order does not have ordering authority under your existing IDIQ contract. If this is the situation, then the appropriate remedy is following procedures at AFARS 5101.602-3 Ratification of unauthorized commitments.

    You asked about "confirming orders" and that is a practice of placing a written order in follow-up to an oral order.

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